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I have found my baeutiful partner

Thank you I have found my beautiful partner and thanks a lot to you she's just a stone's throw away from me. I definitely recommend your site although I could not subscribe when I wanted to. I do not think it was your fault. Please keep up the good work and help thousands of other people who need the luck I got. 

I would like to thank SouthAfricanCupid

hello. i would like to thank SouthAfricanCupid for helping me find my dream man. it was a very great experience being a member of SouthAfricanCupid ... i got to know people make friendship with different people of differet perspective and i learned more since i have been member of SouthAfricanCupid. wish all the other members a good luck 

I have found the love of my life

Thanks to SouthAfricanCupid i have found the love of my life and am so happy and over in love with him. Last weekend on 27 October07 i have finally meet his parents and now its his turn to come meet my parents this weekend. We are so in love we cant even put our phones down when we start talking. Sooner rather than later the'll be wedding bells and i promise to show you my special day. THANK YOU SO MUCH 

Thank you SouthAfricanCupid

I have met someone, via your great service. We started by chatting not for long then we went out for our first date,we both like what we saw,so officially we're dating,i will recommend the best service i got to my friends.At first someone told me to view the website,i tried it,less then a month, i got what i wanted and happy the new man in my life.Thank you South African Cupid(keep up the good work) 

I have met a wonderful lady who has taken my love

Through this site, I have met a wonderful lady who has taken my love. I didn't expect to find love, alas i have and I'm very happy. This site has worked for me. We have so much in common that next year marriage will be on the books. I have meet my perfect partner on this site, I could not be more happy.